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Google has changed search engine optimization yet again

Written by Lisa on April 5th, 2011. Posted in Our Blog


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Act fast! Buy it now! That’s what I learned when studying for my real estate license exam. After reading Seth Godin’s blog, I think Google decided there is prime real estate ($$$) in their Google Places Page. Perhaps the strategic question was: “How can we continue to dominate relevant search results and monetize the results?” Hey, let’s list all known businesses on our maps and make it a mobile web site – then we can monetize on selling smart phones, give away the apps then have the business owners run ads on the local and mobile search results. Oh, and lets make sure people know what other customers think of the business so we’ll crawl the web in a flash for social directory reviews.

Dominate prime real estate by the “Googler” getting the best and nearest business from their search. “Oh, no Mr. Bill!” Your business isn’t on the first page of Google Places Results! What about those rude reviews and great reviews? Like it or not, ready or not, Mr/s Business Owner, your customer service reputation is out there for the world to see. Transparency is key. Of course, when we slow down to think about it, we realize not all press is factual but that review is for the viewer on screech. Many a “Googler” would say: “If it isn’t immediate, close by and the best then I don’t “need it”. Those businesses that show up on the second, third and beyond pages desire first page but end up thinking “Oh, Dear. Oh, My. What we gonna do now, Mr. Ricochet Rabbit?”

04 maps Location, Location, LocationEnter “Snaggle Puss, Stage Right Even”. It’s your business cue. Have you claimed your place page? Are you aware of the reviews that show when someone searches for your services/products? What makes you stand out from your competition? What is the first impression you are giving your customers? My Dad, who fathered 12 of us, would reason with this once teenage daughter and say: “Character is who you are. Reputation is who people think you are. Unfortunately, most people judge you on your reputation.” This just raised the bar considerably. I cringed, then I developed a wonderful sense of humor. I had a distinct feeling I was going to need it. Once I started out in search of integrity, I first discovered humility. Integrity is the seamless garment worn inside and out; take it or leave it. It is the stuff your character and reputation is built on.

Location. Location. Location. Perhaps, I will start each day with a journey inward before journeying out. Do I want to do this myself? Do I want help in this internet marketing endeavor?

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